China aligns CCC testing with EU requirements

The requirements for national product approval in China have taken a step closer to being aligned with the EU system of product approval. Rather than all products needing to gain approval in a manner similar to the EU Module B (Type Examination) plus factory product control, certain low risk products can now be self certified in a similar manner to the EU module A (Internal Production Control).

There are two schemes A and B.

Procedure A

Products that can be self-certified under this module are; certain Audio and video equipment, and information technology equipment. The procedure is similar to modules defined in the relevant EU Directives in that the manufacturer is required to be able to prove that the product complies with the national standard(s) applicable to the product. Product testing is carried out by the manufacturers’ facilities or by external test labs, however it is recommended the tests be conducted by the laboratories accredited by China National Accreditation Services (CNAS) or equivalent national accreditation organizations. A CB report can generally accepted as a valid evidence of product compliance. A manufacturer shall also compile the technical files of its product in the same manner as EU manufacturers into the equivalent of a technical construction file and using this prove compliance with the requirement of CCC.

Procedure B

Products that can be self certified under this procedure are; certain low-voltage electrical equipment, Low power motors, Electric welders, Household and similar equipment, and Motor vehicle and safety accessories. The only major difference between procedure A and B being that procedure B makes product testing using a designated laboratory approved under the CCC scheme.

CTI-CEM are able to provide assistance to any manufacturer wishing to take advantage of the new procedures by confirming of the scheme is applicable to any specific product, help with understanding the applicable standards, arranging product testing through CTI who are a CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) and CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) accredited laboratory, training, or indeed anything else which will assist the manufacturer to get product to market in compliance with all applicable regulations.

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