In March 2017, the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) sent 11 validated notifications about disqualified FCM (food contact materials) products which originated from China through the system. The notifying states include Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Finland. Tableware and kitchenware are still the main kinds of notified products. The problem mainly concentrated on the migration of chromium, manganese, lead, formaldehyde and overall migration. CTI remind manufacturers to pay close attention to it. The details are as follows:

No.DateNotification typeNotifying countryOrigin countrySubjectAction taken
1.2017/3/31information for follow-upItalyChinatoo high level of overall migration (385; 429; 465 mg/dm²) from cake moldsRecall from customers
2.2017/3/31border rejectionSpainChinamigration of formaldehyde (22.5 mg/kg – ppm) from and absence of certified analytical report for melamine fruit plateImport not authorised
3.2017/3/31border rejectionItalyChinamigration of nickel (0.7 mg/kg – ppm) from barbeque grillOfficial detention
4.2017/3/27border rejectionDenmarkChinamigration of formaldehyde (51 mg/kg – ppm) from melamin sushi plates with lidsDestruction
5.2017/3/15border rejectionFinlandChinamigration of lead (0.62 mg/dm²) from rim of mugsOfficial detention
6.2017/3/15information for attentionItalyChinamigration of chromium (6.2; 5.3; 7.6 mg/l) and too high level of overall migration (16; 15; 20 mg/dm²) from stainless steel coffee spoonsOfficial detention
7.2017/3/13border rejectionItalyChinamigration of lead (54 µg/kg – ppb) from barbecue with stainless steel grillPlaced under customs seal
8.2017/3/10border rejectionItalyChinaouter coating coming off from plastic forksOfficial detention
9.2017/3/9border rejectionItalyChinamigration of manganese (0.245 mg/kg – ppm) from pressure cookersPlaced under customs seal
10.2017/3/2alertAustriaChinaglow stick straw unfit for use as food contact material (contains butylbenzoate that may leak into the drink)Public warning- press release
11.2017/3/2information for follow-upItalyChinamigration of chromium from steak knivesRecall from customers