During the last two months a spate of electrical appliances and other equipment have been notified via RAPEX (the EU Rapid Information System for nonfood products) because of chemical risks. RAPEX is the system which allows EU Member States and the European Commission to share information quickly and efficiently about dangerous products found on the European market and to inform consumers about potential risks to their health and safety.

The statistics of RAPEX in 2015 are indicated below:

More than half of the notified products originate from China(including Hong Kong & Taiwan). Product types were generally Childcare articles and children‘s equipment, Toys, Electrical appliances and equipment, clothing, and textiles. The hazardous chemical risk is mainly caused by Phthalates, heavy metals, and SCCPs.

Electronic And Electrical Products

Product RiskNotifying CountryRegulationMeasures adopted
Mobile Phone CoverContains up to 0.26% by weight of short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs)SwedenPOPsWithdrawal of the product from the market
KettleCable contains 3,64% by weight SCCPsSwedenPOPs
Game ControllerCable contains up to 1,9% by weight SCCPs and solders on PCB contain lead up to 45.0%SwedenPOPs RoHSRecall of the product from the end users
Travel ChargerSolders of electric plug, solders on PCB)contain lead up to 84.0% as well as cadmium up to 1.10%SloveniaRoHSWithdrawal of the product from the market
Hair CurlerSolders on PCB contain up to 74.9%SloveniaRoHS
Hair straightenersSolders on PCB contain up to 2.09%SloveniaRoHS


Manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment should follow the trend of the RoHS and PoPs Regulations and look for new environmentally friendly materials to ensure compliance of products exported to the EU.