Food Forensics

Recently the media has exposed food adulteration on a global scale, in fact, in the pursuit of profits in the food supply chain, fraudulent labelling and adulteration are common. Coupled with this consumers lack trust in the government regulatory authorities. CTI in collaboration with Food Forensics offer new food testing solutions for our customers, by analysing the stable isotopes to determine the origin of the food (traceability) and any adulteration. The two organisations have agreed to work in collaboration, sharing data to create an isotope map database, this will provide customers worldwide with the most reliable and convenient authenticity and adulteration identification service available. Isotopes are atoms of the same chemical element that have the same number of protons, but a differing number of neutrons, in their nuclei. Neutrons have mass, and therefore the isotopes of the same element have slightly different masses. For Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis we only use stable (non-radioactive) isotopes. Stable isotopes have a natural abundance but physical processes favouring one isotope over another result in the enrichment of one isotope compared to another (in the case of oxygen and hydrogen – lighter isotopes evaporate more readily and heaver ones are the first to precipitate). It is this enrichment or depletion of one isotope over another that we measure in plants and animals. Combining patterns from multiple isotopes allows us to map production and origin information. CTI is a company publicly traded on the Stock Exchange, China’s product testing, inspection, certification and consulting lead the field. CTI provides customers with comprehensive services, monitoring quality control, and provides proof to the world market of the quality of their product. Food Forensics is a British professional isotope laboratory their solutions provide food authentication to the food and beverage industry. As Europe’s only for food characteristics isotope laboratory using industry proven methods and techniques Food Forensics has established a food authenticity reference database for Europe. In in Europe Food Forensics have a broad customer base of retailers, food processors, food service industries and government agencies, providing food authenticity business solutions to leading organizations. Food Forensics technical expertise will enable CTI to establish food isotope testing laboratories. Both organisations will use the same test methods, standards, and equipment to ensure consistency of laboratory analysis and results. Sharing of test results and databases will result in both European and Asian food that can be accurately tested. This will also lead to the development of Chinese national standards. Looking ahead, the two sides will work together to jointly develop a consistent global food authenticity reference database access channel, expanding their domestic market, while enhancing the existing value-added business solutions. CTI CEO Sangem Hsu, said “CTI is China’s leading third-party food safety testing organization, located in major cities across the country, providing customers with traditional food safety testing, but we also learned that, in addition to traditional issues, customers pay more attention to the food supply chain authenticity and adulteration. The Food Forensics and CTI partnership means that the two organizations will use the same procedures and quality control methods, this coupled with real food samples collected from the world’s major food supply base, will build a high-quality fingerprint database. Food Forensics and CTI’s vision and goals are focused on the interests of consumer protection, the two companies together, are better positioned to achieve that goal.” Managing Director of Food Forensics, said: “We are very honoured to be in food authenticity in partnership with CTI, this global cooperation promises a dramatic improvement in food identification, and will be a major factor in the reduction of food adulteration. This will be a breakthrough and win customer trust in the process.” CTI Foods business unit general manager, said, “In the context of global economic integration, food security has become a common global challenge faced in recent years. Food adulteration, counterfeiting geographical indicators and other events have occurred frequently, food authenticity detection and identification technology is to become the focus of research and development at home and abroad. Technical cooperation to effectively promote the development of food authenticity detection and identification technology, promoting the establishment of technical standards for the identification of food authenticity detection system, will result in consumers able to buy with confidence.” Work will start on the CTI stable isotopes food testing laboratory new facility in October 2014 with the expectation that it can be fully operational by the end of December. Initially the new lab will provide testing of following items:

ProductType Tests
EggsDairyFree Range, Organic, Country of Origin
CheeseDairyCountry of Origin, Protected Designation of Origin
MilkDairyOrganic, Country of Origin
Mineral WaterDrinksCountry of Origin
TeaDrinksCountry of Origin
CoffeeDrinksCountry of Origin
Fruit JuiceDrinksCountry of Origin / Watering
PepperFruit/Veg.Organic, Country of Origin
TomatoFruit/Veg.Organic, Country of Origin
CucumberFruit/Veg.Organic, Country of Origin
LettuceFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
MushroomFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
AsparagusFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
BerriesFruit/Veg.Organic, Country of Origin
ApplesFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
PearsFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
CourgetteFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
BrassicasFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
GarlicFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
PotatoesFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
SatsumaFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
LemonFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
OrangeFruit/Veg.Country of Origin
BananasFruit/VegCountry of Origin
Pork, Ham, & GammonMeatOrganic, Country of Origin
ChickenMeatFree Range, Organic, Country of Origin
BeefMeatOrganic, Country of Origin
LambMeatOrganic, Country of Origin
VenisonMeatCountry of Origin, Farmed and Wild
DuckMeatCountry of Origin
TurkeyMeatCountry of Origin
FishFishCountry of Origin, Farmed and Wild
PeanutsNutsCountry of Origin
Cashew nutsNutsCountry of Origin
WalnutsNutsCountry of Origin
AlmondsNutsCountry of Origin
HoneyOtherCountry of Origin, Sugar
Olive OilOtherCountry of Origin
WineOtherCountry of Origin / Consistency with known batch
Honey/Maple SyrupOtherCountry of Origin / Corn syrup adulteration
RiceOtherCountry of Origin
SpicesOtherCountry of Origin

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