Recently, the toy safety standard BS EN71-3:2013 + A1 2014 has been published by BSI. It supersedes BS EN 71-3:2013, which is withdrawn. This Amendment 1 approved on 18 August 2014, and published on 31 October 2014. Although it has not been placed in the Official Journal yet, it is very likely to be published without change in future. Amendment A1:2014 amends requirements for the control of pH during sample preparation.

Due to the more and more strict requirement of toy safety standards in EU, and the multinational toy trading barriers, CTI suggests:

1. Pay close attention to technical regulations of toys, thoroughly comprehend the applicable area and product range, formulate the corresponding solutions;

2. Improve the quality control, strictly control the quality of raw materials, do not blindly use inferior material or lower the requirements of production process in order to reduce cost fee.

3. Improve company’s own testing ability, and conduct the testing in the third party inspection
agencies to improve the quality of the finished product, to avoid risks of reporting or recall;

4. Seeking new materials, developing new technology, and replacing with non-toxic
environment-friendly raw materials.

CTI services:

CTI can provide you with a wide range of safety tests as an unofficial, independent third party testing certification bodies, and the test report issued have been recognized internationally, and won the trust of a wide range of customers by virtue of precise standards of testing and professional services. If you have any comments or questions about this bill or other acts, please contact CTI any time.