Taiwan has notified the WTO (Notification No. G/TBT/N/TPKM/178) revising the Act “Restrictions on the Manufacture, Import, and Sale of Dry Cell Batteries”. In response to international trends in relation to dry cell battery management involving the EU, USA, China Mainland, etc., this new revision expands the scope of the Restrictions to cover button cell batteries, and also adds new heavy metal restriction items and more rigorous controls. The Revision will take effect from January 1, 2015.

Key Revisions

1. Enlarge restriction scope
The Act only restricts non-button type cell batteries including manganese-zinc, and alkaline manganese batteries now. In the Revision, button cell batteries alkaline manganese, mercuric oxide,  and Silver oxide batteries will be added.
2. Heavy metal restrictions in order to effectively reduce the negative impact that heavy metals contained in batteries have on the environment, maximum permitted heavy metal content
levels have been formulated for designated batteries; these restrictions will be implemented in different time phases.


Other Requirements

Manufacturers and importers must apply to the competent authority at the municipal, county or city government level for a document confirming mercury and cadmium content before importation may take place. Separate test reports issued within the past three months shall be provided for batteries with different brands, models, specifications or external appearance. The confirmation document number shall be clearly labelled on packaging of batteries with width and height of the characters not less than 0.3 centimetres.

CTI Suggestion

Taiwan has revised the battery Act in response to the global trend. If random testing reveals that a designated battery has a heavy metal content that exceeds the limits, the competent authority may order the manufacturer or importer to recall the product from stores and return or dispose of the product. Companies shall pay attention to the new restrictions and fulfil the requirements according to the

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