GB 31701-2015 “Safety technical code for infants and children textile products” was carried out formally on the 1st of June. In order to make market steady, children’s wear that was produced before the 1st of June can be sold until the 31st of May 2018. Children’s wear produced after the 1st of June must meet the requirement of this safety technical code. Relevant enterprises should pay attention to this mandatory standard.

In June administrations for industry and commerce and bureau of quality and technical supervision issued the results of children’s wear, children’s footwear, adult’s clothing, leather shoes, leather bags quality supervision. This spot check was conducted according to GB 18401-2010 National general safety technical code for textile products , GB 5296.4-2012 Instruction for use of products of consumer interest-Part 4: Textile and apparel and nominal product standards.

The result summaries are as below:

Product categorySupervision and inspection organizationTotal batchesUnqualified batchesUnqualified items
Children’s wearGuizhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision306Cords safety
Children’s footwearGuizhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision153Metal content(Pb), Pull strength
Children’s footwearGuangxi Administration for Industry & Commerce2016Instruction, Abrasion resistance, Outsole hardness, Sensory quality
Children’s wearGuangxi Administration for Industry & Commerce4032Instruction, Sewing strength, Fibre content, pH value, Seam performance, Seat seam strength, Colour fastness to rubbing
Children’s wearZhejiang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision5017Fibre content, pH value, Colour fastness
Children’s footwear     Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision4018Sensory quality, Outsole hardness, Colour fastness to rubbing, Safety performance, Shank, Flex resistance
Children’s wearJining Administration for Industry & Commerce            4420Fiber content, Instruction, Colour fastness to rubbing, pH value, Azo dye
 Leather shoesShanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision500
 Athletic shoesShanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision500
 Leather bagsShanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision300
 Casual wearShanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision501Colour fastness to rubbing
 Women’s topsShanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision             206Fibre content, Colour fastness
Men’s trousersShanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision202Fibre content