The Quality and Technical Supervision of several provinces have issued the results of the Textile and Footwear product quality supervision and inspection in February. This action involved children garments, adult garments, cashmere knitwear, thermal underwear, pyjamas, bedding, feather duvets, leather garments, leather shoes and children’s shoes. These spot check were conducted according to GB 18401-2010 national general safety technical code for textile products, GB 5296.4-2012 Construction for use of products of consumer interest Part 4: Textiles and apparel, GB/T 29862-2013 Textiles-Identification of fibre content, GB 31701-2015 Safety technical code for infants and children textile products, GB 20400-2006 Leather and fur-Limit of harmful matter and related standards.

In total 344 batches of substandard products were found. Details can be found below:

Product CategorySupervision and Inspection organizationBatchesUnqualified   Batches Unqualified   Item
Leather ClothingThe Quality and Technical Supervision of Shanghai505Azo dyes, Tearing strength of leather
Cashmere knitwearThe Quality and Technical Supervision of Shanghai303Colorfastness to alkaline perspiration, Colorfastness to acid perspiration,Relaxation shrinkage, Dichloromethane-soluble matter
BeddingIndustrial and Commercial bureau of Hunan6027Fibre content, Weight deviation rate of filler, Labelling
Feather quiltThe Quality and Technical Supervision of Shanghai152Weight deviation rate of filler
Homewear and PajamasThe Quality and Technical Supervision of Shanghai422Fibre content
Children’s clothingThe Quality and Technical Supervision of Wuhan507Colorfastness to acid perspiration, Colorfastness to water,colorfastness to rubbing, Azo dyes
Industrial and Commercial bureau of Hunan6042Fibre content, Labelling
Adult apparelIndustrial and Commercial bureau of Guizhou12088Fibre content, Labelling, pH value, colorfastness to rubbing, Seams slippage, tearing strength, Pilling, Seams property, Colorfastness to water, Colorfastness to perspiration
Industrial and Commercial bureau of Hunan19651Fiber content, Labelling, Tearing strength of leather
Thermal underwearIndustrial and Commercial bureau of Hebei7032Instruction for use, Fiber content,the weight of filler,down content of filler
Leather shoesIndustrial and Commercial bureau of Guizhou6550Labelling, Label of the shanks, Heel attachment, Peeling strength, Shank stiffness, Flex resistance, Pull-out force of upper bands, Heel hardness, Length of the shanks, Abrasion resistance
Industrial and Commercial bureau of Hunan4917Flex resistance, Peeling strength, Label of the shanks,
Children’s shoesIndustrial and Commercial bureau of Hunan4918Flex resistance, Heel hardness

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Leather Clothing, Cashmere knitwear, Feather quiltHome wear and Pyjamas, Adult apparel and leather shoes, Children’s clothing, Thermal underwear.

Results issued by Hunan Industrial and Commercial bureau.