February 2017 the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) sent 5 validated notifications about disqualified FCM (food contact materials) products originated from China through the system. The notifying states include Italy and Spain. Table wares and kitchen wares are still the main kinds of notified products. The problem is mainly concentrated on the migration of chromium, manganese and formaldehyde. CTI remind manufacturers to pay attention to it. The details are as follows.

No.DateNotification typeNotifying countryOrigin countrySubjectAction taken
12017/02/24border rejectionItalyChinamigration of manganese from steel strainers from ChinaRe-dispatch
22017/02/13information for attentionItalyChinamigration of chromium  from table knives from ChinaWithdraw from the market
32017/02/09border rejectionItalyChina Hong Konghigh content of DBP – dibutyl phthalate in freezer bags from Hong KongRe-dispatch
42017/02/08border rejectionItalyChinamigration of chromium  and of manganese  from steel mincer from China
52017/02/06border rejectionSpainChinamigration of formaldehyde from melamine bowl from China