Since 1, April 2016, 354 national standards release by General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of P.R.C and Standardization Administration of People鈥檚 Republic of China. The 32 national standards related to textile and clothing, as well as 6 national standards are related to footwear are officially begin implementation, specific information shown in the following table:

Textile and Clothing Standard
Implement From April 1,2016
NoStandard CodeStandard NameSuperseded Standard
1GB/T 2543.1-2015Textiles determination of twist in yarns part 1: Direct counting method  GB/T 2543.1-2001
2GB/T 5711-2015Textiles tests for colour fastness colour fastness to dry-cleaning using perchloroethylene solvent  GB/T 5711-1997
3GB/T 7066-2015Textiles tests for colour fastness colour fastness to potting  GB/T 7066-1997
4GB/T 7742.2-2015Textiles bursting properties of fabrics part 2: Pneumatic method for determination of bursting strength and bursting distension
5GB/T 9111-2015The methods of mulberry silkworm dried cocoons  GB/T 9111-2006
6GB/T 14342-2015Man-made fibre test method for specific resistance of staple fibres  GB/T 14342-1993
7GB/T 14346-2015Man-made fibre testing method for unevenness of filament yarns capacitance method  GB/T 14346-1993
8GB/T 14460-2015Polyester drawn textured yarn  GB/T 14460-2008
9GB/T 14768-2015Test method at 45 and assessment of carpets burning behaviour  GB/T 14768-1993
10GB/T 15552-2015Testing methods and inspection regulations for silk fabrics  GB/T 15552-2007
11GB/T 31889-2015Meta-aramid staple fibre
12GB/T 31891-2015Technical requirements for ecological carpets
13GB/T 31898-2015Textiles tests for colour fastness colour fastness to water spotting on upholstery fabrics
14GB/T 31899-2015Textile tests for weather resistance UV light exposure
15GB/T 31900-2015Woven children’s clothing
16GB/T 31901-2015Code of practice for garment evaluation by wearer trials
17GB/T 31902-2015Inspection method for appearance detects on garment interlinings
18GB/T 31903-2015Rules of product naming & marking and packing for garment interlinings
19GB/T 31904-2015Adhesive-bonded nonwoven interlinings
20GB/T 31906-2015Textiles aqueous liquid repellency water/alcohol solution resistance test
21GB/T 31907-2015Method of garment measurement
22GB/T 32008-2015Tungsten electrodes for arc welding and plasma welding and cutting
23GB/Z 32009-2015Permeable sintered metal materials determination of the air permeability
24GB/T 8960-2015Polyester drawn yarnsGB/T 8960-2008
25GB/T 6508-2015 Test method for dyeing uniformity of polyester filament yarnsGB/T 6508-2001
26GB/T 32011-2015Textile trim materials in the interior of automobiles test method for seam fatigue
27GB/Z 32012-2015New textile materials datasheet of chemical properties
28GB/Z 32013-2015New textile materials datasheet of thermal properties
29GB/T 32014-2015Silk terminology for property and test
30GB/T 32015-2015Silk testing method for degumming loss percentage
31GB/T 32016-2015Silk determination of amino acids
 Implement From June 1,2016
32GB 31701-2015Safety technical code for infants and children textile products
Footwear Standard
Implement From April 1,2016
NoStandard CodeStandard NameSuperseded Standard
1GB/T 3903.30-2015Footwear test method for outsoles, insoles, linings and insocks water soluble contentGB/T 3903.30-2008
2GB/T 11413-2015锛�Test method for bond strength of leather shoes heelsGB/T 11413-2005
3GB/T 21284-2015锛�Footwear test methods for whole shoe thermal insulationGB/T 21284-2007
4GB/T 32023-2015Footwear test methods for whole shoes rigidity of flexing area
5GB/T 32024-2015Footwear test methods for whole shoes torsion performance
6GB/T 32027-2015Footwear resistance to crack initiation and growth conveyor belt flex method