On the 7th of September 2015, the commission’s official website released the 26th announcement “CNCA designated mandatory product certification bodies and laboratories notice”, The announcement declared Centre Testing International Group Co., LTD an accredited CCC designated laboratories for electric toy products.

CCC certification is called the “compulsory product certification system”, the English name is the China Compulsory Certification. It is part of the Chinese government system to ensure consumer safety and national security, enhance product quality, in accordance with laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. CCC certification of electric toy products mainly consists of application of certification, type test (Declaration of Conformity) , certification process, factory inspection, CCC certification mark application and other  activities.

Centre Testing International Group Co. as an independent, private third-party testing organization, will always maintain a customer-focused service concept, CTI CCC certification of electric toy products provides impartial, professional, rapid, caring and cost-effective solution to all testing. CTI provides a one-stop, full-service and high satisfaction experience for all enterprises.

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