On the 14th of February AQSIQ issued notice of the “Directory of national key industrial products quality supervision (2016 )”. The product classifications are divided into three ranks: The first rank has five categories including consumer goods, building decorating materials, industrial production materials, agricultural production materials and food related products. The third rank involves 339 categories of products. According to the comprehensive analysis of the risk manageability, social, and consumer risk, the product risk level is divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, or Ⅲ. Local government need combine with local authorities with and reference to “the Directory”, t o establish the quality supervision directory of key industrial products of the region, focus on the key work, and improve the work efficiency of product quality supervision.

Directory Detail

The electrical and electronic products referring to consumer goods are shown in the following table:


Work Requriment

First, highlight key points.
Second, highly efficient quality control.
Third, risk prevention.
Fourth, timely communication.
For more details please refer to the AQSIQ website by clicking here:

CTI Suggestion

Enterprises need to focus on the product category and the high-risk level products included in the directory. The quality supervision department of the government will launch spot checks for product quality. If quality problems are found during the inspection, the organisation responsible may be required to recall the product and may be fined. CTI suggests manufacturers putting products onto the Chinese market, should control their products quality and refer to the relevant national requirements and be aware of the possibility of spot checks.