As the leading third party inspection company in China, CTI-CEM has superior knowledge of both Western & Asian business requirements allowing us to meet and in most cases exceed our customers requirements.
Our comprehensive experience and knowledge of quality control has earned us the reputation of being the most reliable inspection service provider. We can monitor fulfilment of Purchase Orders and ensure that merchandise evaluated by us meets all specified requirements. CTI-CEM has developed excellent business relationships with companies from all around the world. We are your eyes and ears within your suppliers in China.

CTI-CEM inspection service includes:
1. Pre-Production Inspection
2. During Production Inspection
3. Production Monitoring
4. Pre-Shipment Inspection
5. Supervision of Loading
6. Asbestos surveys
7. Other Customised Services

Pre-Production Inspection
Before actual production begins, CTI-CEM can check the raw materials, components, accessories and semi-produced products to detect any potential defects.

During Production Inspection
Normally, it is carried out when 10-15% of the production run has been completed. CTI-CEM conducts batch checks and those products on the production line for possible defects. We provide on-site testing for raw materials and samples (XRF scan) on Request.
CTI-CEM identifies deviations, if any, and offers advice on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure product of appropriate quality. CTI-CEM will also re-check defects discovered in pre-production inspection and confirm if they have been rectified.

Production Monitoring
1. CTI-CEM’s inspector will be the lead QA person during the factory visit and will mentor as needed.
2. The inspector will conduct random checks on product from each production line daily and issue a report.
3. The production plan will also be scrutinised and compared with the client’s requirement.
4. The inspector will also give technical advice as required.

Final random inspection/pre-shipment inspection
The Final Random Inspection commences when the merchandise is 100% finished, and at least 80% of products are ready and  packed. CTI-CEM will check safety, quantity, workmanship, function, colour, size, packing, etc.
CTI-CEM ensures the function and appearance of products are consistent and to the requirements and specifications as defined by the client.

Supervision of loading
CTI-CEM can monitor the loading process and check quantity and proper handling of the cargo. The container(s) being witnessed will then be sealed with a CTI-CEM lock. Using this service, helps you reduce the risk of goods being delayed at customs.

Asbestos Survey
CTI-CEM is the only company in the world with the combined approval of GL /Lloyds, Netherlands and AMSA, to perform hazardous material inventories and asbestos surveys on ships!

Product Classification of CTI-CEM inspection service:

Soft Goods

Fabrics, Garments , Home Textiles, Bedding, Shoes, Caps, Bags, and Sportswear.

Electrical & Electronic Items

IT Products, Home Appliances, Electric Vehicles, Beauty Products, Audio and Video equipment, Lighting, Power Tools, and Remote Control Toys.

Hard Goods

Toys, Furniture, Tools, Giftware, Porcelain, Promotional Items, Kitchen Ware, Sports Goods, Christmas Items, and Stationery


Edible Oil, Rice, Vegetables, Fruits, etc.


PCB boards, Mechanical Items, Facility Fittings, Machinery Parts, etc. 

Inspection Services Network
CTI-CEM inspectors are located throughout the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. As the inspection service network continues to expand, CTI-CEM can meet customer’s requirements by offering local professional and prompt service.

Inspection Standards
Unless otherwise specified by the client, CTI-CEM will randomly sample in accordance with ANSI Z1.4 Single Sampling Plans for Normal Inspection at General Inspection Level, CTI-CEM will also use the following AQL (Acceptable Quality Level):
Critical Defect: 0 Major Defect: 2.5 Minor Defect: 4.0

Impartiality and Integrity
In accordance with CTI-CEM’s very strict zero tolerance anti-bribery management system, our direct inspection teams operate with integrity and impartiality to ensure credible and ethical services for our clients at all times.
All CTI inspectors and staff shall abide by the following principles:
1. Complete and total Impartiality
2. Strict observance of all applicable laws
3. Honesty and self-discipline,
4. Objectivity and fairness at all times,
5. Avoidance of any conflicting interests,
6. Avoidance of external or internal pressures of any kind
Thus ensuring the integrity of our inspection services

Anti-bribery Policy
CTI-CEM employees are prohibited from accepting any personal benefits including gifts, money, rebates, hospitality, or similar at any time.

Zero Tolerance Policy
1. All CTI-CEM employees shall be responsible for ensuring that their business conduct complies with the CTI-CEM code of conduct.
2. CTI-CEM will not tolerate any violation of their Code of Ethics Policy. Should violations occur, we will apply appropriate disciplinary actions which may, depending upon the level of severity of the violation result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment.
3. Any suggestions, comments, concerns should be referred immediately to either of the following persons. CTI-CEM guarantees that all complaints will be followed up immediately.
CTI-CEM Complaint Email:
G.M mail box:

Why Choose CTI-CEM
1. Largest public listed (Stock code:300012) lab in China providing a one-stop all encompassing service at competitive prices
2. Global offices for global customers
3. National wide network in China, thus no travel and hotel cost in almost all areas
4. More than 3,000 employees; more than 50% of whom have Bachelor, Master or PhD
5. Research Institute for R & D and strong technical support
6. Deloitte Top 500 Asia-Pacific, and Top 50 China
7. Flexible, Tailor-Made, Account Management Team

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