China Compulsory Certification otherwise known as the CCC (or 3C) mark is the Chinese equivalent of the European CE mark. CCC certification is not required for all products sold for use in China but where it is a requirement compliance is mandatory.

CTI-CEM has been formally recognised to be able to provide test laboratory services for Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, IT Products, and Electric Toys.

How to gain CCC certification for your product:

  1. An application must be submitted along with supporting documentation
  2. Product samples must be tested
  3. The production facility needs to be inspected
  4. The results evaluated
  5. The the CCC certificate issued (or advise on failure and appropriate re-testing)
  6. Additionally a one day annual inspection of the production facility whilst the product(s) are being produced conducted.

Note: The CCC certificate is valid for 12 months from date of issue, a new certificate will be issued upon satisfactory annual inspection of the factory facility. 

The Products subject to Compulsory Product Certification covers 135 products divided into 23 categories:

  1. Electrical wires and cables
  2. Circuit switches, electric devices for protection or connection
  3. Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus
  4. Low power motors
  5. Electric tools
  6. Welding machines
  7. Household and similar electrical appliances
  8. Audio and video apparatus (not including the audio apparatus for broadcasting service and automobiles)
  9. Information technology equipment
  10. Lighting apparatus (not including equipment with an operating voltage below 36V)
  11. Motor vehicles
  12. Motor vehicle Tires
  13. Safety Glasses
  14. Agricultural Machinery
  15. Latex Products
  16. Medical Devices
  17. Fire Fighting Equipment
  18. Safety Protection Products
  19. Home Decor and Remodelling Products
  20. Safety Parts and Accessories of Vehicles and Motorcycles
  21. Toys
  22. IT Products

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